How To Write An ASA Style Paper?

An ASA style paper is a document that is organized based on standards set up by the American Sociological Association. This is not a format that many people are familiar with, which makes it all the more important for people to understand how well the paper is to be planned. Let’s look at some points for how to write a paper in this forma that you can use now.

Writing prompts for students


It is the most persuasive essay. Also known as the opinion essay. This essay aims to convince the reader to be part of the opinion of the writer. Many students are not aware of the many views they hold. Below are some ideas prompts that can inspire students to think and start writing.


Prompts about Sports and School

Topics relating to sports or schools usually elicit firm opinions from students. The prompts will help the brainstorming process:

Changes: Are there things about the school that you want to change? How do you deal with bullying? Why do you need a change in the dress code? Should breaks be longer? There are many issues, choose one and convince the leaders to change.

Special guest: For a function in school, you decide which famous person should come to the school for a presentation or speech. Convince your administration through an essay.

Conflict in Co-ed. Is performance better in single-gender schools or mixed ones? Convince your teachers why?

Participation awards: During awarding in sports. Should the awards be for only the winners or everyone that participated?

Homework overload: Convince the teacher to give students less homework and assignments.

Sports: Which is the best sport? Which team is best?

Class trip: convince the other students to choose a place to go for the class trip.


Relationships Prompts

Relationships, on the one hand, can be gratifying but also exasperating. The following prompts explore the feelings of students about relationships, both positive and negative.

Snitch: If a friend of yours tells of a plan to fraud an exam. Should you report them? Why? Why not?

Try something new. Convince your best friend that she will love your favorite novel, even though she hasn’t read it.

Friendships and Relationships: Which are more critical, Romantic relationships or friendships.

Driving age. Which age should it be legal for children to drive? Why is that?

Consequences or truth. If your friend asks about your opinion and the facts with hurt their feelings, what should you do? Tell the truth, or let it be?

Who makes choices? If your friend comes over to visit. Who should decide what you are going to watch on TV? Convince them to watch your favorite TV show with them.

Fun times. Which do you consider as the best thing you have ever done with your best friend? Why do you think it is the best one?

Dating. Is dating long term well, or is it bad for teenagers?


Prompts About Leisure Time, Pets and Family

Self-reflection. Persuade yourself through an essay to start good healthy habits.

Movie vs. book. List an album made to be a movie. Which is the best version, the book, or the Movie? Why is this?

Weekend wanderings. Convince the parents that you want to go out on the weekend.

Zoo debate. Why are wild animals kept in a zoo? Is this ethical?

Pets. The limit on the places you can take a pet should not be there? Why?


Prompts about Technology and the Society

Reverse technology. Choose an advancement in technology that the world is better without it? Why do you think so?

Things about space. Are aliens real? Why? Why are they not real?

Social media. Are the implications of social media positive or negative? Why?

Fundraising: Is it ethical to for children to fundraise? Why? Why Not?

Inventions. What do you consider as the greatest of all devices ever made? Why?


Writing a persuasive essay is easier than you think, the thing to note to get the right prompts to spark up the idea.

Paper writing is easy!

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