How To Write An ASA Style Paper?

An ASA style paper is a document that is organized based on standards set up by the American Sociological Association. This is not a format that many people are familiar with, which makes it all the more important for people to understand how well the paper is to be planned. Let’s look at some points for how to write a paper in this forma that you can use now.

Compelling Topics for an Argumentative Essay

It is the type of essay where you will make an argument using research and examples to support your points. The choice of your subject and the way you structure your essay will impact the reader. Finding a topic that will work for you can be a task but with adequate research on writing a great argumentative essay.

Before you find a topic, you need to understand what this essay is. As stated earlier, the piece makes arguments through research. The article takes a position and supports with evidence. Unlike other kinds of essays, these essays have the intention of expressing a specific case that supports the evidence and research. An excellent article is not only about feelings and thoughts but on established research.

The hardest part is to decide on the topic. But we are going to look at some ideas to help you.

Choose a great topic

When it comes to essays, you will find most of the work you are doing even before you begin writing. It is because the subject you are writing on is something that interests you and has knowledge about it. It saves you the trouble of gathering information, which can get annoying if you are not familiar with the subject. But you need not know anything, learning new things is what makes this interesting.


Choosing a subject that interests you in is in your best interest. When it comes to selecting the argument, there is leeway to select something that you do not necessarily do.

Below are some ideas from different options to see, which can arouse your interest. Most of the argumentative topics are controversial, but that is the whole point. In these essays, opinions usually matter and the controversy, based on the views.

  1. Do humans cause climate change?
  2. The death sentence is not sufficient.
  3. How fair is the election?
  4. Can torture be acceptable in some instances
  5. Why do men get to leave when their wives deliver?
  6. What is the benefit of school uniforms?
  7. Is the tax system fair?
  8. Does curfew help teens stay away from trouble?
  9. How is Cheating wrong?
  10. Do we depend on computers so much?
  11. Why are animals tested for research?
  12. Why is cigarette smoking banned?
  13. Are mobile phones dangerous?
  14. Do cameras invade our privacy?
  15. Is our society a thruway?
  16. Now and before, where are children well behaved?
  17. Should advertising target children?
  18. Can the government control what we eat?
  19. Is teen pregnancy declining because of condoms?
  20. Should congress members’ terms in a government limited?
  21. Is the pay too much towards entertainers?
  22. Are CEOs overpaid?
  23. Why are athletes not helping to a higher moral standard?
  24. Why do violent games cause behavioral problems?
  25. Why is it that in public schools creationism is not taught?
  26. Do beauty pageants exploit the models?
  27. Why is English in the United States the official language?
  28. Why does racing not use biofuels?
  29. Why shouldn’t the drinking age decrease?
  30. Why shouldn’t the drinking age increase?
  31. Not everyone recycles, but shouldn’t they?
  32. Why do prisoners in some other states allowed to vote?
  33. What benefits are there when one attends a single-gender school?
  34. It’s not true that boredom leads to trouble.
  35. Why don’t schools have a year-round session?
  36. Does religion cause a war?
  37. Why is abortion illegal?
  38. Why is a college degree that expensive?
  39. Why do rich people not pay higher taxes?
  40. Why is marijuana illegal in the nation?


There are so many topics that one can write on an argumentative essay. The trick is to choose a subject that interests you so that you have an easier time getting a compelling topic.

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